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Providing accurate and complete patient data collection
and adaptive actionable analytics utilizing machine learning.

Automated PROM Solutions

Meets HHS Reimbursement Requirements

Be assured of meeting HHS/CMS maximum reimbursement requirements by implementing aiHEALTH's fully managed EMA-series data collection, reporting, and analytics solutions at your provider networks.  Remain in compliance with Joint Commission audits while maximizing revenues and patient satisfaction.

Mobile Development

Our EMA-Spine solution provides maximum value in the cervical and lumbar disciplines.

Web Design Documentation

Our EMA-Osteo solution focuses on providing maximum value to hip and knee disciplines.

Web Design Prices

Our EMA-Cardio soluion satisfies cardiac clinic (and insurer) reporting requirements.


All our managed solutions feature autonomous mode.

Exclusive autonomous mode ensures no service interruptions, even when used in shielded areas (imaging rooms) with limited wifi coverage.



Ensured HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC-2, SOC-3, ISO 27001 compliance at all times.

Utilizing Google's G-Suite network backbone, all our services are backed by Google's own BAA.



Fully managed, audited and updated SaaS solutions.

Our platforms are proactively monitored, audited and updated to ensure HIPAA/ITSR compilance.